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Michael (Mike) Powers
Specializing in emotional and physical trauma release, and the non-invasive removal of internal and external scar tissue using Medical Qigong, Massage, and EFT.
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Cindy Vernon
Reflexology, Massage Therapy,Craniosacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage.
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Brian Stovall, CEO
Energy Medicine: Life Touch Master, Heartwork Advanced Understudy, REIKI Master, Certified EDINA Instructor, Family Constellation Graduate, Access Consciousness | Access Bars. Brian Stovall is a very powerful and wise energetic healer that works directly with several Archangels, the Masters of the Seven Rays of REIKI, the Ankenash, the Hathors, the Orbs Susanyi, the Ipsanyi, the Golden Tube of Amu...
Activate One
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Kourtney Franks Levens
Angel Therapy practitioner, Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher, Spirit Whisperer Instructor, Theta Healing practitioner, the One Command and Matrix Energetics alternative healing, Essential Oils, health and Wellness coach.
All in Spirit
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Mimi Monks
Body talk, Psych-K, Sundae, IET.Experience relaxation, clarity and serenity while releasing vibrations that do not serve you well.
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Gwen K. Tewold
Body Talk, Vajra TransmissionMaster (Tibetan shaman energy healer), Massage Therapy, Cranial-SacralTherapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Aura-Soma color therapy healing, Bridge To Better Health.
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Theresa Buede
Theresa Buede combines the energetics of nutrition with the re-mapping of negative brain wave patterns to restore inner balance. She is a certified Health Coach and advanced student of quantum physics, providing education and personalized wellness programs. As a cancer survivor through holistic methods, she specializes in helping others release the fear associated with this condition and replace i...
Body, Mind and Spirit - Living It
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Connie West
I offer a variety of energy work and/or body work Matrix Energetics and Sound Healing are the 2 modalities that show up most often, and together I am a Radical Forgiveness Coach and Reiki Master/Teacher. (I teach to those that want to learn.) And I do massage also.
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Neshamah Healing energy session, a no-touch technique, energetically deals with the complete physiology of a person. You simply lie on the massage table and relax. These sessions have been said to bring an expanded awareness, revitalization, deep peace, love and spiritual expansion.
Debbie Lewis, Neshamah Energy Practitioner
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Senior Certified Trainers and Specialists in BEwell Science Energy Healing

We offer faster solutions for:
* Depression, Anxiety, Burnout and Sleep Problems
* Stress and Fatigue
* Pain and Traumas
* Weight Loss
* Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management
* Life Blockages
* Any Health Imbalances
* Kids and Youth Issues

Our Services
* Life Coaching and Healing
* Training and Seminars for professionals, families and corporation...
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Leslie R Kane, LCSW LMC
Leslie is a licensed medical social worker specializing in healing through the mind-body connection. Certified in life coaching, and energy healing techniques, she assists clients with clearing energetic blockages to health, prosperity, and living their dreams.
Dreaming to Being
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EEMCP-Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner,
Mastery Systems Life Upgrade Coach
RMT-Registered Massage Therapist,
RNDr.-Doctor of Natural Science /Applied Geophysics/
GET Relaxing and Energizing ENERGY-MASSAGE SESSIONS.
LEARN(1O1 or Groups) YOUR ENERGY SELF-CARE/maintanance:
get Your whole BodyEnergy System Organized, Balanced and Humming.
Concider to Expand Your Whole RELAXATION Experience with Guided BREATHING MEDITATION.
Find out How YOUR LANGUAGE/Speech/WORDS ARE Supporting Your Life Success. How CONSCIOUS It IS and
How to UPGRADE It.
ENERGY Therapy & Holistic MASSAGE in Houston's "Energy Corridor"
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Elizabeth Cerates, MS, LMT
Specializing in releasing The Core Distortion; Structural and Energetic Balance; addressing physical or emotional pain and stuck energy;, unwinding the Core Distortion; Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip, Knee; Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.

en|vision - connect for answers, re-connect for solutions.
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Terri Sharpe
Body Talk Practitioner and Reiki Master for people and animals, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Equine/Canine Sports Massage Therapist.
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Patricia Angelina
Discover Transformation: Rosen Method Bodywork, Practitioner and Movement Teacher. Deeplistening with an open heart. Rosen Method Movement: Moving -Living with ease.
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Judith Barker, Intuitive Energetic Healer
My goal is to use Energy Therapy to empower and inspire you to take control of your health, change your life and live your dream! I transmit intense healing energies through my eyes. The practice has expanded to include pets. Remote sessions are also available. For further information and testimonials, please see Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.
Healing with Heart Energy Therapy
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Heloise Kendrick
Let the energy flow with Reiki and Chakra Balancing. Unlocking limitations with Access Consciousness. Dream analysis for discernment and understanding the purpose for your dreams.
Spiritual Evolution Mentorship Program.
Heloise Kendrick Therapeutic Energetics
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Brenda Kindel
Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Hypnosis, SRT practitioner
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Andrea Johnson MH
Infinity Bliss offers energy healing work with a variety of modalities and techniques including Reiki, EDINA, chakra balancing, Angel Card readings, Akashic Records readings, Power Animal Retrievals, Oneness Blessings and more! Be Young Essential Oils and CieAura products are also available. Let us help you to find your Bliss!
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Joseph Gracia is a Usui & Karuna Reiki® Master offerring Sessions, Classes, and Hospital Visits. He holds a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching, is a Master Herbalist, and is also a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.
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Mary Lindsey Wilson
Whole life design is a holistic approach to clearing the blocks that are inhibiting you from LIVING BEAUTIFULLY in all areas of your life. I have a variety of tools and processes to help you remove blocks quickly & easily to your health, wealth, relationships, career, selling property and more.
Live Beautifully, whole life design
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Curandera Irma Martinez,OM,LE
Curanderismo (medicine of the people) is the art of folk healing. Irma uses rituals, music and dance to place the individual in touch with the inner spirit that knows how to and desires to self-heal. Irma teaches you that you are responsible and empowered to care for your own soul. She performs 'limpias' or cleansings, freeing the body's energy of negativity and blockages by using a blend of int...
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Chuck Koehler
Quantum Touch Certified Practitioner and Certified Life Coach offering $36/hr sessions for new clients. A description of what Quantum Touch energy healing is can be found at I can travel also to your location if it is near 77003, or for a nominal fee if you live further away.
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Victoria Alvarado is a gifted psychic medium. She is one of the top five fortune tellers in the Houston area. With her gifts she has guided many in the areas of life, love career and more. In addition to conducting psychic tarot readings she is a certified angelic reiki master she combines color light therapy and gemstone healing along with her intuition to help pinpoint areas In the body that nee...
Psychic medium Victoria alvarado
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Rose Hart
Spiritual counseling, coaching, energy work, personal and global transformation.
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Darlene Billingsley
Reflexology, MassageTherapy, Swedish massage, medical massage, acupuncture massage.
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Deyanira Gonzalez
EMF Balancing Technique, Feng Shui, Reiki
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Pamala Perkins
Individual healing sessions for the physical and emotional with emphasis on heart healing. Group teaching of The Art of Heart-Healing.
The Art of Heart-Healing
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Chris and Ginger Pennell
Reflexology, Reiki Training, Kinetic Chromatherapy, ion footbath, hypnosis, past liferegression, ear candling.
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Pat Fleury, Bachelor of Science in Energy Medicine; Licensed Practitioner
The Touch of Healing Institute, in Houston, TX. has been in business over 12 years. It trains students and offers certification in the healing arts. Classes are: Basic, Intermed. & Advanced Studies in Energy Healing.

The founder, Pat Fleury has a Private Practice for your own challenges in life. Skills used: Brennan Healing Sciences, EFT, Energy Psychology, Vibrational Healing/Medicine. Oth...
The Touch of Healing Institute; Licensed & Accredited by the Federation of Spiritual Healers
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Sherri Lund
Instructor Sherri Lund has her B.S. degree in Child Development and completed the doctorate program in Naturopathy.
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