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Katherine Ashby
Feng Shui Houston specializes in Classical Chinese & Black Hat Feng Shui including Flying Stars, 8 Mansions, Annual Chinese New Year Updates, Professional Training with on-site case studies, feng shui of homes, home offices, previewing real estate before purchase, real estate guidelines for home buyers, classes for feng shui enthusiasts and Realtors, and speaking engagements.
Feng Shui Houston
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Dr. Lisa Acocella
Feng Shui and Energetic Clearing to optimize your health, wealth, happiness in all your spaces.

I clear and align you, your home and your business using Feng Shui principles to get you the results that you want!

Let me share what is possible for you.
Feng Shui Your Spaces
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Will LeStrange, Feng Shui Consultant, Trainer, Speaker
Will LeStrange is a Feng Shui Expert based in Houston with over 21 years experience providing residential, commercial, historical & new construction consultations for Local, National and, International projects and real estate transactions.

He is the creator of the Modern Feng Shui Method, a holistic form of feng shui which integrates classical feng shui with environmental psychology, color t...
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Trisha Keel
Trisha Keel blends Eastern BTB traditions and Western quantum physics to provide a unique blend of her own residential and commercial Feng Shui consulting and energy clearings. Check out her website at for great FREE goodies! Dr. Keel has a Master's degree in Metaphysics and a PhD in Holistic Life coaching. She is author of Feng Shui & Moon Magic, Adventures in Energy: Real Li...
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