Add a listing to Houston Holistic Directory

You may do this by selecting the Add a Listing menu item, choosing an option that fits you best, uploading your information, and making a payment.

Edit or renew your listing

We have recently significantly upgraded our software, and the new system allows listing owners to manage their listings whenever they need to. If you have added your listing after the upgrade (starting in the end of October, 2012), you should have received an email from us with a special link that would allow you to manage your listings.

If you haven't received that link or had your listing entered into our directory by us earlier in 2012 or even at the end of 2011, then you may request your special listing management link (i.e., a link to your account with us) by clicking lead me to my account page. On that page, you will simply provide your email address that you used to order the listing.

You may also always find this link on the bottom of the page that displays your listing.

How to resize images to fit our requirements

We have a separate page for this: How to resize an image.

Multiple listings and multiple categories

You may have the same listing be displayed in multiple categories. Displaying the listing in each additional category costs a fraction of the cost of displaying the listing in one category. See Add a Listing for more details.

You may also have multiple listings (with totally different content) associated with the same email address. You will be able to easily manage (edit, delete, etc.) all of them when you log in. Individual listings with separate content are, of course, priced at the normal listing cost instead of the reduced multiple category pricing.


If you have any unanswered questions, please contact us.