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Donna DiGiuseppe, M.A.
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Holistic Counseling-Education Service. Much like we learn to use tools and systems for home improvement, what I teach is how to use inner tools for self improvement. If you want to remodel your house, you have to gather information and decide on an approach. You may choose a new color and light scheme, floor plan, move walls, rearrange counters, change furniture placement, and so on. You may have to discard outmoded items and replace them with new ones. The process may be a temporary inconvenience but you are doing it with the determination and commitment of improving your current living space.

Holistic counseling with Access Awareness, LLC provides a similar change over process but the space you are working within is your body, mind, spirit and emotions. A few area's of improvement we talk about are your behaviors, habits, blocked energy, negative thoughts, feelings, fears and stress.

Expressive visual arts can be included as a healing modality.

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