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ASI Health & Wellness has wellness products and services.

Some of the more important products and services are:
1. ASIHW Essential Proteins - You wouldn't run your car low on oil, why run your body low on glutathione? Glutathione has over 30 important functions in the body, but glutathione levels drop as we age. People with high levels of glutathione tend to feel better, have more energy, get sick less often and live longer with a better quality of life. Low levels of glutathione are associated with diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, aging and even colds and flu. Your immune system and antioxidants need glutathione to be effective! Glutathione is a natural chelator. ASIHW Essential Proteins is guaranteed to raise your levels of glutathione! ASIHW Essential Proteins also provides important immune factors and all essential proteins. Call for a free sample.

2. Super antioxidants - Whether you need something specific or generic, ASI Health & Wellness carries a variety of super antioxidants. Antioxidants support glutathione recycling and improve glutathione function! Chaga Mushroom (the highest natural antioxidant), Microhydrin (potent safe synthetic) and Jusuru (skin and joint) are a few of the ones we carry.

3. Alkaline Water - Turn your water faucet into a "natural spring" with an alkaline water machine. Alkaline water supports glutathione as an antioxidant. It also supports better hydration and toxin elimination. An alkaline water machine can remove toxic chemicals from your water and still provide essential minerals to assist in alkalizing your body. Alkalinity and minerals are important for the health of your body and longevity. Why pay more for quality water than a gallon of gas? Fill your own bottles with healthy alkaline water. ASI Health & Wellness sells the lowest cost premium function machine there is on the market. Call for a free demonstration for yourself or a group!

4. Air Filtration and Conditioning - Allergies or toxins in the air got you down? Concerned with airborne bacteria or viruses? NASA's space age technology comes to the rescue with the air filtration systems offered by ASI Health & Wellness. Proven to remove particulates from the air, remove odors and chemical and even kill SARS and MRSA on surface, these air filters are second to none. From personal (around the neck) to whole house sizes, ASI Health & Wellness can provide a solution for any need. Call for a free demonstration for yourself or a group!

5. Environmental Protection of Concern - ASI Health & Wellness sells a machine based upon NASA technology that can help save the environment by allowing clothes to be washed without soap or hot water - totally with cold water! Clothes get clean and last longer without using as much energy and without toxic chemicals! Save money on chemicals and electricity/gas. The same conditioned water can be used for cleaning and disinfecting the whole house, eliminating even more environmental chemicals and hazards! Call for a free demonstration for yourself or a group!

6. Health & Wellness Coaching and Counseling - From traditional counseling to Reiki, EFT, alternative healing and Life Coaching, ASI Health & Wellness can provide assistance.

7. ASI Health & Wellness can provide seminars on a variety of health and wellness topics, from Nutrition to Life Coaching and Integrative medicine to Alternative healing. Call for more information.

ASI Health & Wellness has solutions for long term wellness and a better safer environment. Whether you just want to minimize the effects of colds and flu, improve response to severe chronic illness or live longer, ASI Health & Wellness has many options. There are numerous other products and services available that can be used independently or integrated into conventional approaches. Check us out today and get ready for a long and healthy life!

Note: This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

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