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LIFE WITH AURA. Tibetan Shamanic Interpretation of the Aura

This controversial book gives many examples of case histories and styles that one might perceive the Aura. It particularly illuminates and discourages the use of color charts and explains why and how to find your individual thumbprint to aura perception self discovery; using the techniques from the ancient wisdom of the Mystics. These illustrated choices range from thought processes to actual graphic visualizations. The more musical or megahertz aspect is the least known and the most accepted by both the scientific world and the occultists.
If you want to learn them all through the eyes of a Mystic; how to attain these heights, to emerge spiritually, then read it all from the experience of the author of over 40 years of research and practice.
Says Rev. Pellicciotti, “During the many years of aura self-healing instructing, it was confirmed that no two people are alike in their diagnostic methodology or interpretation. To really succeed people need to have the liberty and guidance to explore and understand their way.”
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Supporting an ever expanding consciousness of a Spiritual Seeker through our various services that are designed to help you and your children gain your spiritual intelligence whatever spiritual inclination it might be that fits your thumbprint and in some cases, help you find that Divine propensity within you to get there through self realization. Some of those tools are:

Books, authored by Patricia Pellicciotti; Consultation; Shaman Rituals, Podcasts, E-zines; Originally designed products, Tutored Home Study Courses. All this with your best friend, your AURA. . (To inquire about 2012 Book Releases: The Happy Face Theory: A Method For Indigo and Crystal Wisdom to bring up children & grownups OR AURA Reading Initiation : Tibetan Shaman Aura Reading Mysteries... write or call.)

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