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Nathalie Abellan
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The Angels are then able to communicate to us through many different sources, one being through intuition. It's believed that angels can project a thought and feeling into your mind, when they do this, you are being guided by their angelic presence, and when you select the cards, this will ensure that you are getting the message that was intended for you. If there is anything that is worrying you – no matter what it may be, you can be sure that by turning to an Angel Card reading that the Angels will respond lovingly and graciously to your call for help. After an Angel Card reading people often find that they feel an instant sense of ease come over them, almost as if a great weight has been lifted off their shoulders, they no longer feel the stress they felt before, or feel burdened by problems. It is also often reported that people generally feel a sense of warmth generating throughout their body, love and protection.

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