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Nathalie Abellan
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832-593-4612 or 713-391-9901
I was born in France and currently reside in the US.

I have studied and experienced a variety of modalities; Access Energy and Mind-Body techniques are just a few of the things that are fun, easy, and contribute to my phenomenal life and living. I utilize energy work and simple integrative techniques in my facilitation processes. I have worked on my own grace and self-improvement with several types of “enlightenment techniques” such as Access Consciousness, EFT, Body Detective Training, Emotional Lens Clearing, Angel Guidance, Fire Walks, Sweat Lodges, Bio-Energy, and Energo-Chromokinese. The services with my methods is offered on (hyperlink) this website.

My experience and knowledge allow me to guide clients to a place where they can achieve endless possibilities for positive growth. I work, coach, train and contribute to change the lives of hundreds of people through my motivational public speaking engagements, seminars/webinars, teleconferences and individual consultations.

I also include other experiences over my lifetime to influence my approach and methods to provide the greatest potential for change such as: Feng Shui, meditation, qigong, astrology, Green Earth programs, naturopathy, aromatherapy, sophrology, homeopathy and alternative medicine for humans and pets, muscle testing, pendulum work and many others.

For the care of the physical body and appearance; in my early years, I studied Aesthetic Cosmetology in France to enhance one’s beauty. This began my holistic health and fitness career in the "whole body" wellness field.

From head to toe, inside and out, I combine all these tools to guide you into what you desire to be and how you desire to appear to others. Let me be your muse and your catalyst for change! I would love to share my knowledge and expertise in any and all of these things with you. Which one(s) feels light to you? What would you choose?

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