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Devon Ray Communications (DRC) is a boutique communications firm based in Houston with virtual capabilities nationwide. We specialize in bringing awareness to the unconventional, misunderstood, underrepresented, overlooked products and services that seek to revolutionize, inspire, empower, and initiate change.

We have an infectious devotion to the fields we represent and that devotion supplies the fuel to our efforts. We want to ensure these products and services are brought forth to a wider audience so more and more people can be exposed, become educated, and more fulfilled. We believe in creating and sharing a compelling, uncommon story. Because a business is a living entity, we employ our holistic communications strategies and solutions to achieve results from the inside out – ensuring both internal and external public’s are included.

Our clients lead the fields of holistic healthcare, alternative wellness, lifestyle, eco friendly/green, and fitness products and services, as well as social justice causes. They have an unwavering commitment to consumer needs, social and environmental responsibility, and to ultimately making the world a better place and enriching the lives of their constituents. They are bold, ruffle feathers, challenge the status quo, spark advancements, and ignite transformation. Our goal is to communicate those points to key targets to begin meaningful conversations and change consumption behaviors.

We are vehement about empowering clients to live their passion and always remember their “why.” We purposefully share that passion with their constituents in a way that entices, incites, educates, and persuades. We strategically and lovingly help to create and tell influential stories.

We aim to propel communications efforts, help build lasting relationships with all of an organization’s public’s, which ultimately will help them expand and become stronger. We believe in doing this with integrity, honor, transparency, dedication, vigor, spirit, and with an entrepreneurial drive to boot!

We want to assist in the areas of brand development, copy writing, social media marketing, traditional media relations, internal communications, and strategic planning.

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