Donna Fry, Naturopath, CNHP, CNC, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

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A classical Naturopath uses the body's own desire to be balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. My goals and successes are the achievement of the client's success in reaching personal health goals. Releasing energy blocks, educating, nutrition, dietary supplementation, lifestyle changes are some of the processes we utilize. Spending time to listen between the lines, root causes are discovered and balance is achieved.

Here are a few testimonials.

"Donna …. spends the time to hear what your concerns are and through hair analysis and muscle strength can read what your body needs or should avoid. Our bodies are trying to balance themselves back to good health and Donna is an important resource in accomplishing that." Sincerely, Alice C

"I didn’t start the regimen until I returned from NYC. My first day was Sat and I’m already feeling better than I could have imagined." Jim C

"I’ve followed everything you told me to do & feeling great. Thanks so much!" Lisa

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