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Dr. Lisa Acocella
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Waiting until you’re sick or in pain to practice self-care isn’t selfless or admirable.

You want to be present in every moment, but sometimes you have more moments than you have time (or energy).

It’s just . . . saying yes is easier than leaving something out.

Being a woman is hard. Putting yourself first is even harder.

Who's taking care of and supporting you?

At the end of the day you’re spent. And it shows.

You need a break. You are ready to feel good again.

Because you KNOW you can live the happy, healthy life you deserve...and feel balanced too.

You can glow.

So how about a reset button for those times when you’re “doing it all” instead of “having it all”?

Yeaahhh . . .

Dr. Lisa's emphasis is on optimizing your health and well-being naturally with Inflammatory Biomarker Assessment, Blood Chemistry Analysis and Whole Foods, Plant-Based Nutrition.

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