ENERGY Therapy & Holistic MASSAGE in Houston's "Energy Corridor"

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EEMCP-Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner,
Mastery Systems Life Upgrade Coach
RMT-Registered Massage Therapist,
RNDr.-Doctor of Natural Science /Applied Geophysics/
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ENERGY IS ALL THERE IS. To Understand Our Life "Force" and To Know-How-To Apply That Knowledge AND Work/Play! with It Is a Life Changing Experience.

GET Relaxing and Energizing ENERGY-MASSAGE Session with Stania.
LEARN(1O1 or in a Group) Your ENERGY SELF-CARE : clear blockages(=PAIN) and toxic vibrations(=chronic problems) and get Your Whole Energy System Organized and Buzzing.

You can even expand Your Experience with a short Guided BREATHING MEDITATION with focus of Your Choice: Physical Health, General Well-Being, Financial Freedom or Relationships.

What Is HOLISTIC Therapy? THIS IS.

About Practitioner’s Journey of & to A Healing Path

Stania Sestak Krumal is One of a few Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioners /EEMCP/ in Houston and Texas. By original Education from Czechoslovakia she is a Doctor of Natural Science-RNDr./applied Geophysics/. After coming to Texas in 1997 she followed Her Heart and Earned Her “License To Touch” becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist/RMT/ and immediately Started Her Own Practice.

While searching for HER “niche” within vast Variety of Body-Mind Modalities She widened Her Practice with more or less advanced Hands-On Trainings in Rolfing, Reflexology, Reiki, (Milton) Trager Approach, Aromatherapy, Quantum Touch, and few others. Suddenly IT was clear to Her Heart (of an “Engineer?”) that besides her Love To TOUCH and Knowing How Important THAT IS to Human (AND to ALL LIVING Beings) she realized How deeply She Loves and Agrees with the Fact that “ENERGY IS ALL THERE IS”. She wholly fell in Love with Donna EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE, a most “scientific” approach to ENERGY HEALING (according to Her).

The Core of EEM practice is Mastering Energy SELF-CARE- Our Daily Maintenance of Our Energy = of a State of Our Well-being and Health . OUR OWN Ability, Responsibility and Participation in Getting Our-Self Healthy and Well. That is another Important Fact for her. Stania Loves to “educate/enLighten” about “The Miracle” of Our Body and Its “Engine”=Energy and How to Take Care of It.

Just recently she added to her “energizing and cleansing” modalities Natural “Do-Your-Self” Herbal Wraps with “Faster more visible” results with optional short Guided Breathing Meditation.

Still, Next to Her Growing Enjoyment of “Educating/EnLIGHTENING” Those, Who want To KNOW about ENERGY AND Application of It in EVERY Aspect of Our Lives, Stania’s Main Love and Fundation of Her Practice IS "Applying" a Knowledge of Energy Flows and Knowing of a Need and Health Benefits of Human Touch in Deeply Relaxing ENERGY-MASSAGE Therapy Sessions in Her Lovely Space within a beautiful Green Planet Sanctuary.

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