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Elizabeth Cerates, MS, LMT
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Modalities include: Structural Energetic Therapy, The Emotion Code, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (Upledger), Reiki, Matrix Energetics, The Yuen Method, Raymon Grace Dowsing, Pranic Healing

The Basic Process:
Bringing awareness into the body, Addressing emotional and physical pain or Connecting to other patterns of awareness, or Bringing intention to the body and energy field.

Identifying and releasing patterns of holding, resistance, dissonance, incoherence, or dysfunction in all available dimensions. Applying as indicated specific massage protocols, acupressure, energy work, touch, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release & restructuring, neuromuscular applications, postural analysis, kinesiology, muscle testing and more.

Promoting balance and harmony in the mind, body, energy field and chakras.

In addition to massage, I use a collaboration of my guidance, intuition, psychic abilities, ability to sense energy and dowsing together with the client's sensations, awareness, abilities and guidance.

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