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What is Face Reading?

Face Reading is an ancient branch of Chinese medicine, originally used as a diagnostic tool for physical conditions in the body, but which was also found to give insight into the personality traits of an individual. It provides clues regarding a person’s personality patterns, their inherent strengths as well as weaknesses, where they will excel and where they might face challenges.

Each person is born with their own personal blueprint that can be seen in the features on their face. The secrets of your inner nature and your own potential are beautifully, and perfectly inscribed in the features and lines of your face (curve of your cheeks, shape of your eyes, contour of your brows, etc.) all revealing important information regarding the pattern and individuality of your original design.

What is Your Hidden Symmetry?

These same patterns that can be read on the face were also discovered to be present in nature, and the ancient scholars recognized that these same patterns express themselves in cycles through time. On the day you were born, the energies present at that time also have influence on your own personal expression in the world. In other words, the day you were born, you were imprinted with your own unique inner design. (Note: this system, also known as the 9 Star Ki, is very different from Western astrology, Chinese astrology, or numerology)

This information is incredibly valuable and can be used to discover more about your personality, themes running through your life experience, and can help you to ‘go with the low’ vs resisting the current flow of your life!

*Examples of areas that this information can be used:

• Online dating (choosing someone compatible with your personality and lifestyle vs choosing by attractiveness or success/accomplishments) Save yourself the time and energy by quickly sorting through those matches you would be most compatible with, and from that list making your selections as to who you'd like to talk with.

• Choosing a job/employer/co-worker, the right person for a particular job

• More efficient ways to interact/relate with friends, co-workers, family, neighbors, and currently challenging situations with people in your life (personally or professionally)

• Personal discovery of your own nature for self- improvement, so you can get past challenges that keep you blocked or stuck, and allow you to discover yourself on a level that is both empowering an affirming.

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