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Flotation Therapy & YOUR first float

Floating is one of the most awesome ways to naturally restore, de-stress and heal your body. Please do not shave, wax, or tan at all on the day of your float. The high salt content of the water can be irritating to freshly shaved, tanned or waxed skin. We DO NOT provide Vaseline to cover small skin abrasions as the Vaseline breaks down and in time will contaminate the sanitation system.
Please do not wear any hair or skin products prior to floating, including deodorant.
Be sure to eat before you float.
Avoid caffeine 4 hours prior to your Float. You must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

*No freshly dyed hair; You must be two weeks past dyeing, Spray on tanning as well. Please be advised that contamination of the purified sanitized water will be directly your responsibility and liability for down time. Also, females on their menstrual cycle are NOT permitted in the Float Pod. Please reschedule if you have already made an appointment.
Your First Float

Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your session to fill out paperwork. Your first Float will start out with you taking a shower, no soap or suds, just a quick rinse off (please note: excessive shower time will be deducted from your float time) DO NOT wear cologne, makeup, or other foreign material. Clean fresh rinsed skin in the tub only PLEASE! This ensures the life of our pod and the filtration system as well as a clean and sanitary float every time.
All guest are required to shower before entering the pod. You will undress in your private float room, put on a robe and take a towel to the shower room. While you take a quick 2-4 minute rinse your attendant will squeegee and dry the interior lid of you pod, put down a clean fresh floor mat and be there as you exit your shower and re-enter the float room. He / She will remind you to put in your ear plugs, open your pod & turn the light off in the float room before you enter the pod. PLEASE be advised we "do not" allow clothing, jewelry or anything but YOU in our pods, both for safety and sanitation reasons. You are monitored by an attendant the entire time you are floating, no one will ever enter your float room unless you need to be wakened at the end of you session or you page your attendant. Your comfort and security is top of the list for us here at True Massage Flotation Spa, we want you to rest peacefully knowing we have "GOT YOU BACK"
Each room contains earplugs, soft comfortable robes, and towels. We recommend earplugs to avoid swimmers ear and salt in your ear canal. We provide everything you will need, if you would like to blow dry your hair please bring a blow dryer with you, we do not provide them or combs & brushes for sanitation purposes. Ear swabs are available in the rest room.
Watch the video on our website so you can arrive informed, relaxed, and ready to experience the many amazing benefits flotation therapy has to offer.

Entering the Pod

Upon entering the pod the motion detector in the float room will signal your attendant you have closed the lid and he / she will begin your journey. The light in your pod remains on until you turn it off. The water is heated to skin temperature, and even though it is only 14 inches deep, it contains 1,000 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt. Our tubs are meticulously maintained to insure you a pure and sanitary floating EVERY-TIME
Step into the pod pull the lid down. As you sit on the bottom, your going to float quickly so be prepared for instability as you learn to navigate the water. Lie back gently, DO NOT splash, move slowly. If you create a rocking tide in the water it will affect your float as it tries to settle, so enter slowly and calmly. Be ready, the buoyancy will lift you up and off the bottom as you slide out into the center of the pod. Our Pods are the largest on the market made by the premiere manufacturer in the world. It is often said, Your first float is your worst float. Getting use to the zero gravity effect is awesome, but can be unsettling at first. Just lay back and enjoy the quiet time and allow your mind and body to separate. While you are floating 90% of your central nervous system is able to shut down, unlike any environment on the earth. Its effects are amazing and if you can quiet the mind, the body knows how to heal itself. There is no more awesome a place than here inside our superior pods to find the awesome effects of infinity. We often hear people say they are claustrophobic and cannot do this. Amazingly the design and lighting create an infinity effect like none other, and with the lights out and floating in zero gravity you feel a sense of non ending space. Leaving the lid open will allow the water to cool and may cause you to become chilly, it is recommended to keep the pod closed at all times to maintain a comfortable skin temperature in the pod. Some clients find discomfort in the neck and shoulders. If you experience this discomfort just raise your arms over your head, be careful not to drip the solution onto your face! The discomfort will ease as your spine and neck decompress, realign and relax. Clients with sports injuries or back pain experience some discomfort in the early stages. One's brain focuses on even minor sensations due to a complete lack of "feeling" elsewhere. Keep relaxed and the aches and pains will drift away. (RELAX! Your body and head are completely supported by the water. You do not need to force your head up and your in no danger of rolling over. Try touching the bottom of the pods with your hands...it is very difficult.)

In-Pod Experience

Music will begin as soon as your attendant sees the motion sensor showing you at rest. Music lasts 10 minutes in the beginning while you settle in and get comfortable. The music will fade away leaving you in total sensory deprivation. NOTE: Most floaters are long gone before the music stops, but if you are not relaxed just think happy thoughts. It will take a while for your brain to settle down. When your body becomes free of the central nervous system the brain is free to "WANDER" and it does! The music is designed to distract you from your own thoughts. Please do not become frustrated if it takes your mind a bit to settle down as everyone experiences this at first.The real benefits are noticed after the session is complete, usually by your third session you are comfortable and ready to float so be patient, the outcome is well worth it! The music will return for 5 minutes at the end of your session. At this point your attendant will turn the light on in your Float room from the three way switch in the office.
Our pods allow you 4 music options, 1) throughout the session, 2) 10 min beginning 5 at the end of the session 3) 5 min at the beginning of session 4) 5 min at the end.
Remember you are in a private room, so you can leave the pod door open if you wish (you may feel a chill if you leave it open the entire hour) alternatively you can prop it partially open with your towel, rolled up. You might want to leave the pod's interior light on. (Large round button is to your left while lying down).
If you get salt in your eyes there is a bottle of pure water hanging inside the pod. Spray generously.

Ending the Session

Music will begin at the end of your session letting you know your time is up. If you fall asleep that's great! If your attendant does not detect movement in the room, he / she will first speak your name from outside the door, then tap on the door. If that does not get you moving, he/ she will open the door and speak your name and if that does not bring you back then we will tap on the end of the tank below water level, making sure you are up and out of the tub before the sanitation cycle starts. Please exit the pod before the sanitation cycle begins, If you hear a knock at the door or your name called it is because you are in a dream state and did not hear the music. We do not want the noise of the sanitation cycle to be what wakes you, so we keep a close eye on the timer, and if it ends with no movement detected by the motion sensor in the room your attendant will be sure to wake you so you can easily exit before the sanitation cycle begins. PLEASE! NEVER stay in the pod during the sanitation cycle!
Upon exiting the pod, close the lid to the pod and use your first shower towel to dry off the solution, robe up and head to the shower. While we do have body wash, shampoo & conditioner most floaters simply wash their hair and leave with a good body rinse allowing some salt residue to linger help to soften the skin. BUT! Make sure to thoroughly rinse off all salty water and rinse your ears thoroughly, as in rare cases crystalline salt can cause ear aches. Salt can be corrosive to clothes, but is great for skin and hair. Epsom salts won't rob your skin of salt, so there is no pruning or wrinkling, but instead your skin will be left soft and silky.
Please Shower no longer than 3-5 minutes as we are often booked back to back and lengthy shower time causes the next floater to be delayed. We will be preparing the room for the next client while you are taking your shower. Return to your room dress and lounge in the foyer if you need a few minutes to re-enter the world....
Thanks for choosing True Massage Flotation Spa, where we strive to be first in quality Flotation and world class Massage Therapy.

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