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Isn't it time you re-connected to yourself so you can live the life you want?! Sarah Gish can help! She is the owner of Gish Creative -- a personal, family, and business enrichment company that creates connections, champions culture, and ignites lives. It is Sarah's goal to encourage people to follow their heart and find their passion while creating the life they truly want. She helps people discover their purpose through workshops, women's groups, and private intuitive guidance sessions. And, with 25 years marketing experience under her belt, she can help you spread the word of your good works to others.

"Transitions and Transformations” is a workshop that unpacks the process of change in a soul-filled way. "What's Your Purpose?" is a workshop she created and presents with her friend and astrologer Kevin Casey (of Body Mind & Soul) that gives people concrete direction on finding their personal mission. “Wonderful Me!” is a self-portrait workshop for kids. And “The Wizard of Oz is AMAZE-ing” is a workshop for Girl Scouts; “The Wizard of Oz” concepts can be translated into workshops for any group. Sarah also holds “I Can Fly! Art Connections” for adults and families in which art is incorporated into an enrichment topic such as media literacy or goal-setting. All of her workshops can be tailored for topic, group, timeframe, and budget. Information about her workshops can be found at

People have found that Sarah’s nuts-and-bolts approach to solutions have really helped them in her intuitive guidance sessions at Body Mind & Soul. She is a reader on call there and can meet with clients for 30 minutes or an hour to help guide them in all areas of their life. As one said recently: “Sarah was delightful and provided some take away tools I am using to get my creative ideas flowing and as well as to translate them into the building blocks of my own business.” She has worked with shamans, Wall Street brokers, engineers, high school students, housewives, and more – and has helped them all! Sarah will indeed help you get unstuck, start a plan, or get back into the flow. For more information about her guidance sessions, click here:

In 2012, Sarah and her friend Laura Burns created a women’s group called “Follow Your Heart: A Transformation Circle for Women” that meets twice a month at Marti Ewing Yoga Therapy. The two alternate as leaders for 2-hour sessions with topics such as dealing with fear, magnetizing money, and finding your nurture huddle. More information about that group can be found at

Sarah also is the publisher of two proprietary media, GISH PICKS: A GUIDE TO CULTURAL ACTIVITIES FOR FAMILIES ( and THE SUMMER BOOK: A GUIDE TO HOUSTON DAY CAMPS AND CLASSES FOR KIDS AND TEENS ( She loves serving as an information source for parents!

Art is another one of Sarah’s passions – she received a Bachelor of Arts in Art History in 1985 and began creating art in 2000. In her first series of art -- MOD MANDALAS: THE CHAKRA SERIES -- she explored the concepts of mandalas and the seven chakras through re-purposing hubcaps and creating pieces to depict each chakra. Her current series-in-progress is A DESIGN FOR LIVING, twelve 12x12” didactic pieces based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. For more about her art, click here: She also creates greeting cards as well as jewelry under a line called “Bottle Cap Mama Jewelry” (

Sarah feels lucky to have found her purpose and to live it each and every day! It is her pleasure to encourage others to do the same.

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