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Judith Barker, Intuitive Energetic Healer
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My goal here at Healing with Heart is to use Energy Therapy to empower and inspire you to take control of your health, change your life and live your dream! It would truly be a privilege to be part of your health care team and to open up a long-term relationship with you.
Best Wishes, Judith

Energy therapy is a transmission of the infinite energy that creates and maintains life, renews cells and revitalizes the body. This infinite energy connects with your Inner Holiness, your God Presence Within, to activate your self healing.

Your Inner Holiness orchestrates this healing. Ego’s choice is secondary. Your Inner Holiness knows what needs to be healed and in what order.

I am an intuitive energetic healer dedicated to Divine Order. The Spirit of Christ Consciousness, or Fifth Dimensional energy, is flowing from my eyes and hands so healing may occur. I am a grateful Servant – a conduit for God’s Love. I “get out of the way and allow” during prayer and meditation. There is an old saying – “Let Go and Let God”. It is really that simple.

I have been a conduit for Spiritual Healing since the late 1990’s beginning with my practice as a licensed massage therapist in Texas. I found myself in prayer and meditation, moving my hands as Guided. Upon placing my hands over knots and tight muscles, heat and energy emerged from my palms and the knots and tightness disappeared! At that time I became certified in Reiki I and II. Since the summer of 2012, more intense healing energies are transmitted through my eyes.

Many clients come to me for the simple aches and pains of everyday life, to relieve stress and anxiety, to cope with bereavement, or just to find a little quiet in a safe haven. More often, people come to get more deeply in touch with their inner voice and be more focused on their life purpose.

My mission is to help clients reconnect to their Inner Holiness and the wisdom, joy and peace that are already within them. By helping to restore the balance of the physical and subtle bodies, it is then possible to see more clearly the road ahead and understand what life lessons we are experiencing. We would then be free of the past and empowered to create a bright future, unfolding the latent gifts and talents that lie dormant within.

Healing with Heart Energy Therapy has also expanded its practice to include small animals and pets (Please see Clients' Feelings on website).

Remote sessions are also available – all that is needed is a good, clear photo of the eyes. During these sessions, Judith prays silently as herself and as the client (Please see Clients' Feelings on website).

Judith is very grateful to her Inner Holiness for the love and trust in her and the gift that has been bestowed upon her. For further information, please go to my website – www.healingwithheartnow.com. Thank you for visiting with me. I appreciate the opportunity to be of Service.

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