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Marie Georgopulos
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Dear Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Coach, Intuitive, Therapist and Spiritually-minded women…

Are you tired of giving your best to others and feeling incomplete yourself?

Do you feel that something is holding you back from shining you greatness into this world?

Are you ready to Embrace Your Power, Purpose and Prosperity in a whole new way?

If so, I want you to know that there is another way for you to live your best life while serving others, too. The life you’ve been creating is just what you’ve been creating. There’s something even more amazing available for you and my Align and Shine healing and coaching programs can take you there!

If you are like I was, you know in your heart that you are meant to have a life of richness and abundance while doing your passion. That means a richness of heart that yields healthy, loving and supportive relationships, clarity of purpose, a sense of inner power and material wealth in the amounts that you desire.

Prosperity, both inner and outer, is all about coming into alignment with who you are at a core ~ what your intrinsic nature is and then relating this back into the world in healthy, beneficial ways. It truly is about opening your heart and receiving the gifts that lie within for yourself above all and then others.

Real transformation occurs when we understand where we are out of alignment with our heart’s desires and our intrinsic nature and then re-pattern our lives toward this. It is a process of restoring and reclaiming hidden or lost aspects of our self and then integrating them back into our life.

My Align and Shine programs are about Soul Integration and grounding your purpose into your life in way that is empowering and prosperous. It’s about understanding the richness that lies within ~ your Soul’s gifts and wisdom ~ and then sharing it in ways that are fulfilling and beneficial to you.

The only problem is that we build a cocoon of safety around us that we literally have to “shake it up” to get out of and release. Our comfort zone begins to become uncomfortable as our wings are ready to spread and take us into flight. Our fears want to keep us from feeling vulnerable and so we decide to stay in our warm, safe cocoon. But there comes a time when we just can’t fit in the cocoon anymore.

My Align and Shine healing and coaching programs are designed to open the cocoon so you can:

Experience more heart-centered, healthy relationships with yourself and others

Have more clarity around your purpose and the most prosperous ways to live it

Feel more empowered and self-assured

Attract more material prosperity in your life

Restore your natural state of well-being

Embrace your authentic self

Have access to higher degrees of intuition

Gain access to powerful, self-healing tools

Feel happier and more fulfilled in life

If you are ready to put an end to the self-sabotaging patterns in your life that hold you back from living your prosperous life…

Then I invite you to join me in a complimentary consult where we can discuss what the next steps are for you to Align and Shine!

Much Love,

Marie Georgopulos

Contact Marie today and begin your journey of transformation!

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