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Kangen Water® you can taste the difference. You know how important it is to stay hydrated, but have you ever investigated the difference between the different types of drinking water available? Not all water is the same! Tap water can contain high levels of chlorine, pesticides and other contaminants, and both tap and bottled water can be acidic. For over three decades, Enagic® a Japanese company has been producing Kangen Water® with innovative water technology that transforms ordinary tap water into hydrating, alkaline water. Kangen Water® has a pH level of 8.5 - 9.5. The cells in our body need to stay at their natural alkaline balance for optimal health. Unfortunately, our Western diet and lifestyle can jeopardize our body's original state. Dehydration, stress, acidic foods and beverages, and processed foods do not support a healthy alkaline body. This is why Kangen Water® is changing the world! Kangen Water® is formed of smaller water molecule clusters, ordinary water occurs in large clusters of anywhere from 10 to 13 molecules per cluster. But alkaline Kangen Water®, has smaller clusters of only 5-6 molecules per cluster. These small clusters make alkaline Kangen Water®, more soluble and permeable, which enables every nook and cranny of our body to become super-hydrated and raise our body pH to a neutral or alkaline state, as well as being a liquid anti-oxidant. Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body. To learn more or try Kangen Water® contact Eric Rinkoff 713-503-9100, erinkoff@sbcglobal.net

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