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Melody Allen, MA, LPC
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I. Life Coaching:

A life coach may offer new perspectives, guide inquiry, encourage strategic analysis, hold a client accountable to their desired outcomes and make appropriate referrals. I address a client's presenting concern from a multidimensional perspective. It would not be uncommon for me to draw from severe different theories. I am a systemic thinker and draw from intuition as well. In the course of our work together, clients have explored career, family, romantic relationships, self awareness, spiritual contemplation and financial matters.

Coaching is a field of mentorship that focuses on helping people achieve their personal, relational, or professional goals. While it has partly emerged from the field of psychotherapy, it operates under a somewhat different paradigm. Rather than assuming clients are in need of fixing or healing, coaching operates on the assumption that clients' basic needs are met - and they are ready for a mentor to help them achieve the next level of goals. – DR. ZUR

II. Counseling Services

A counselor acts as an objective listener to the client/clients in an effort to create a safe place for sharing intimate information. The client is supported via methodolgies that will develop self awareness, coping skills, introspection, resilency, and better emotional tolerance of grief, disappointments, difficulties, and bliss. In addition, the client and the counselor co-create treatment plans for the therapeutic goals.

- Family Therapy

-Family Education: PREP Premarital Course (See Bride and Groom section), Court Approved Parenting Education Classes

(Nurturing parenting, High Conflict Diversion Program)

-Continued Education for coaches, therapists, social workers and licensed professional counselors

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