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832 231 1935
If you immerse yourself in The Reconnection and Reconnective Frequencies you are experiencing more than a ´fix-it´job. You are permeated with light, exchanging information in a ´high-level´conference with the universe.
You will discover how immediately these new frequencies of healing will flow through you.
These highly palpable energies are the all-inclusive spectrum of energy, light and information. People will respond to them physically and visibly, and be led into healing realms beyond expectations.
Each person´s experience is unique and perfect, whether one experiences registers, profound relaxation, insights, clarity or nothing at all - though healing always occurs.
I am serving as a conduit to these powerful healing frequencies that have been life changing for me, made me happier and healthier.
You may choose to come to a healing circle or book a personal session if you have decisions to make, to prevent unhealthy stress and bourn-out, de-stress, have a physical condition or just want to experience a most holisic Healing Session.
Ruth A. Hellinger-Dieterle

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