Riddham Spiritual Center

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Yamini Bhatt
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We are being called on to use all the gifts we have. How will you nurture your spirit and go beyond living a life that may have become a little small for you, to live a life that is calling you? Isn’t it time to claim your place in the world and be all you are meant to be?

It’s your turn now!

Enough of holding yourself back!
Enough of hiding your light!
Enough of doing it alone!
Enough of settling for less!

Your life is calling – I am committed to bring you many resources by offering you powerful programs of transformation by using: Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Re-Structuring, Meditation, Yogic Breathing, Visualization, Affirmations, Daily Spiritual Practice and much more.

Each program is designed to:

Focus on YOU making powerful inner changes.

Support YOU in creating more space in your life to create what you want.

Bring YOU into more wholeness, power and your authentic expression.

The tools of transformation offered here will challenge you to own your power, inspire you to step into your greatness an raise you up! If your heart is calling out for change, it’s no accident you’ve been led to this page.

The only question is: Are you ready to answer the call.

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