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Julie W. Reeves
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Intuitive Astrology, Tarot, Past-Life and Life-Cycle Counseling

All of us have Life-Cycles of growth, “challenge,” love and relationships. We also have cycles of abundance and new beginnings. Astrology gives you the timing and causes of these cycles in specific detail.

Now you can have the benefits of two studies, Astrology and Tarot, combined to give you a unique blend of deep, insightful answers to your questions on any issue, including love, relationships, compatibility, money and career.


Life-Cycle Astrology is the study of Planetary Cycles tells us how and when to make the most of the positive cycles we have, when to start new projects and finish old ones successfully. We also understand WHEN difficult times will be over and WHY they are occurring. Understand the positive cycles: Is this a good time to start a new business? Start a new relationship? Buy a new home? Future predictions for a year and a half will be covered in detail and any major events in the distant future will be outlined.

Relationship Charts - Astrological insights into love and relationship will help you know how to choose a new partner or understand the dynamics and outcome of a current relationship. You can know how to resolve issues and create happiness. OR YOU CAN FIND OUT WHEN A NEW RELATIONSHIP WILL COME INTO YOUR LIFE AND WHAT IT WILL BE LIKE.

Adult/Child Charts. This is a comprehensive look at the personality, talents and life challenges for you and/or for your child. We may see where and when your most relevant past lifetime was and what gifts/challenges you brought into this life from that lifetime.

Astrological Past-Life Charts. WHAT IF YOU COULD SEE YOUR SOUL’S TRUE PURPOSE. In your chart we can see which past lifetime most influences this lifetime. What your Karmic Choice of your Lifetime Path is for this lifetime, what you came in to learn and the gifts brought in to help you. Also, we can see when you are likely to meet your Soul Mate and what that relationship will be like. We can see the Karmic emotional traumas you chose to bring in to heal this lifetime.

Tarot, when combined with Astrology, adds a great amount of detail to these studies. Individual motives, desires and emotions are added to the Astrological information, the result of which is a truly Magic!

I have been professionally consulting and teaching Astrology and Tarot for over 25 years. Spirit and the Angels guide me in seeking the information you need to live your life in love, abundance, peace and happiness. My goal is to help those people that God places in my path.

If you or a friend would like your free, monthly Sighted Astrological Newsletter, please email me at the address below and I will be happy to include you each month.

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Private Reading: (512) 694-7406,

i make regular trips to Houston to do private readings. If you and your friends would like to schedule multiple readings, please let me know

I look forward to seeing you soon! Julie

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