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Simply D'Tox'd came about through a desire to show people how to detox their bodies via safe and natural means. With health problems on the rise and the misconceptions regarding detoxing, it is essential now more than ever to educate the public on the importance of cleansing the body and to provide safe, healthy options to do so. Now, without the use of pills, liquids or other invasive methods you have the opportunity to help rid the body of parasites, heavy metals, yeast, allergens, inflammation, environmental toxins/pollutants and promote anti-aging within the body. While this is not a one stop shop to completely rid the body of all toxins, it is an extremely effective method to assist the body's natural detox channels.

Toxins, heavy metals and other unnatural elements attach themselves to the tissues of the body by an electrical bond. The energy used in this system breaks the toxins bonds with the body's tissues and are then carreid away by the Lymphatic System which in turn dumps into the bloodstream. The toxins that are showing up in the water are "leakage" from the Lymphatic System that have not yet been processed by the liver and kidneys. This "raw material" is what causes the foot bath water to turn colors. Approximately 10% of the total detox occuring within the body is coming out the 2000+ pores of the feet. The other 90% happens in your body up to several days after treatment. That is why it is crucial to maintain a regular detox program.

Some of the Positive effects seen by users of this Dyna Chi system are:
*Re-balance of the body's energy field (increase of energy)
*Cellular cleansing
*Pain Management / Reduction
*Elimination of Parasites
*Elimination of Mold / Candida (yeast)
*Removal of Heavy Metals
*Relief from symptoms relating to Lupus, Hep C, Arthritis, Gout, Neuropathy, Liver Diseases, Edema, PMS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia - just to name a few!

If you are looking for a natural means to assist your body in releasing and detoxing the excess "crud", you have just found it! Call today for your best health tomorrow!

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